Filtercorp's Frying Oil Centre of Excellence

The Filtration and Treatment of frying oil is a very complex process with the oil changing composition throughout its life cycle. The main elements that accelerate the degradation of the frying oil are all part of the frying process, air, moisture, heat and the contamination from the food itself.

The ratio of these elements also depicts the way in which the oil degrades, for example; frying at lower temperatures, the fryer idling with no food being added for long periods compared to a continuous fryer, operating only at lunch and evenings, freshly breaded products compared to potato chips, type and location of heating. 

Frying Lab
Frying Lab
Frying Lab

With all this to consider Filtercorp set-up it's own dedicated Frying Oil Centre of Excellence.

This facility was designed to carry out real time fry studies, monitor oil quality through a range of different measures and develop current filtration and treatment systems to meet the market demands.


One of our main criteria for the Centre was to invest in future development, working with innovative products, how best to apply them and what benefits can be achieved.

Frying Lab

The Centre is also used for customer fry studies, where scaled frying is undertaken in lab conditions, where baseline and different filtration and treatment processes can be monitored and recorded. With all the latest test equipment available the different oil quality parameters can be measured throughout the study.


We also send collected oil samples for site evaluations and trials to the Centre for analysis.

Frying Lab

In-house frying oil analysis and testing.

Frying Lab

The Centre is not only a working laboratory, but also a Centre of frying oil knowledge.This Centre of knowledge is available to our global Technical Sales Team and therefore customers.


The investment in such a facility shows Filtercorp’s current and future commitment to the frying oil filtration and treatment program.

NIR in the lab