FM4© Industrial Frying Oil Filter Unit

Frying oil Filter FM4©

For Fryer size 2000 to 8000 litres (530 to 2100 gallons)

  • Continuous Frying oil Temperature
  • Active Oil Treatment
  • Operates at Frying Temperature
  • Safe Automatic Control
  • Operates 24/7
  • Total Enclosed System
  • Small Footprint < 2m2, (22ft2)
  • Simple Installation
  • Simple Operation
  • Avoids Cross-Contamination Between Fryers
  • Connects Directly To The Fryer
  • Large Surface Area Filter Modules
  • Using Depth Filter Technology
  • Filtering down to 0.5 micron
  • Integrated Active Components built-in (no loose powder)
  • Consumable Filter Modules, no cleaning
  • Simple Change Out Process that does not stop the fryer
  • Developed Specifically for Frying Oil Treatment
FM4 Frying Oil Filtration
  • Simple Dedicated System
  • Integrates Feed/Return Pump
  • Integrates Pressure Relief System
  • Mobile for Ease of Location
  • Spent module removal trolley

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