FM1© Industrial Frying Oil Filter Unit

Frying oil Filter FM1©

For Fryer Size 80 to 250 litres (21 to 66 gallons)

  • Batch Frying Oil Treatment and Filtration
  • Active Oil Treatment
  • Operates at Frying Temperature
  • Manually Operated, Simple Control
  • Treat / Filter as Required, During or After the Shift
  • Mobile Unit for use with Multiple Fryers
  • Small Footprint, Easy Storage
  • Simple Set-up and Operation
  • Washes Fryer Clean during the Filter Cycle
  • Easy to Clean after use
  • Fryer Capacity 80 to 250 litres, 21 to 66 gallons
FM1 - Large Surface Filter Pad
  • Large Surface Area Treatment/Filter Pad
  • Using Depth Filter Technology
  • Filtering down to 0.5 micron
  • Integrated Active Components built-in (no loose powder)
  • Consumable Filter Pad, no cleaning or regeneration
  • Simple Change Out Process when Blinded or at the End of the Shift
  • Developed Specifically for Frying Oil Treatment
FM1 Diagram
  • Simple Dedicated System
  • Allows Washing Out of Fryer
  • Customized Size to Suit Fryer Drain Location
  • Mobile for Ease of Operation and Storage
  • All Stainless Steel Construction