Indian Snack Foods and Papadum

Indian snack foods and papadums

A high variety of products, potentially through the same fryer?

Indian fried snack foods have become very popular either as a ready to eat or as a pre-fried product requiring a secondary cooking process. The frying process is very dependent on the product with varying temperatures cooking periods and of course contaminants entering the frying oil. Stages of pre-filtration may be required to remove the bulk of crumb or larger solids, but fine filtration and treatment is the only answer for the fine rice flour removal and adsorption of soluble contaminants.

The fine filtration and treatment with Filtercorp’s CarbonPad depth media removes the fines and suspended solids and treats the oil allowing extended oil life and longer production runs of quality product. The adsorption ability of the CarbonPad has also been used successfully to remove spices and flavours, which contaminated the oil, allowing the oil to be used for other products without the transfer of these unwanted flavours.    

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