Avoiding Surface contamination.

Whether frying yeast, cake or another version of the donut style product clean oil is paramount. Donuts present their own problems within the frying operation with the fryer standing idle if any of the surrounding equipment, like proving or glazing, has a fault. When frying the donut product high volumes of particulate are left in the fryer oil as well as fines that stay in suspension. This leads to shortened production runs and labour intensive fryer draining, cleaning and restarting, which also involves stopping and starting the surrounding equipment.

The large volume of debris being dropped in the fryer accelerated the rate of degradation of the oil especially in direct heated fryers, where the heater elements get covered in the falling debris which carbonises and leads to stop heating of the oil. The suspended debris also burns and stick to the product leaving black spots on the product, which then fails quality standards.

How can oil filtration treatment help?

By removing the bulk of the large debris and eliminating the suspended solids the effective frying life of the oil can be extended. With reduced large debris build-up, the fryers can be run for longer production periods between cleans.

This time extension depends on the design of the fryer in question.  With the quality of oil being improved this can lead directly to product quality improvement, reduced oil pick-up and an extension in the operational life of the oil.

The Filtercorp filtration systems not only filter the oil to a very fine level, but also actively treat the oil adsorbing non-oil components that lead to the accelerated oil degradation.