Breaded and Battered Products

Breaded and Battered Products

WHAT can be done about all the debris?

There are 2 main factors that come into play when we look at battered and breaded products. The first is the high volume of crumb these produce and the second is the ion content in the coatings that accelerate the degradation of the oil. 

The actual product contained within the coating doesn’t have much effect compared to the coating itself. 

The volume of crumb entering the fryer and needing removal has a number of solutions. The first being with the design of the fryer and also the potential to remove loose crumb before it enters the fryer. The fryer design would normally incorporate a drag bar system and mesh or wedge wire screen at the exit to the fryer. This would be the first stage of crumb removal. The second maybe a drum screen filter before the heat exchanger or a bag filtration system. These pre-filtration stages are critical to reduce the volume of debris building up in the fryer. 

To treat for the ions, other soluble contaminants and fine suspended particulate Filtercorp’s CarbonPad depth media as the final stage of the filtration system does both the very fine particulate removal and also adsorbs ions, reduces created soaps and reduces other non-oil components.

This leads to extended oil life, higher quality oil throughout its life and therefore high quality products.

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