Consistent Frying Oil Treatment for Versatile Food Products

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Kettle Chips

Challenges with Kettle-Style Chips

There  are  some  distinct  challenges  inherent  in  the production  of  kettle-style  chips.  Since  the chips  are  produced  by  direct  slicing  the  potato  into  the  fryer,  a  significant  amount  of  starch  is washed off in the frying oil. This water-soluble starch is cooked in the oil and is modified by the oil so it becomes the  same density. Therefore, this soluble  starch  cannot  be  removed from the oil  by  a  centrifugal  type  of  separator.  These  starches  will  also  blind  the  surface  of  the  filter modules effectively reducing their life.

Tortilla Chips

What are Tortilla Chips?

Tortilla chips are produced with corn. Different corns can be used, yellow, white, whole wheat, flour etc. The corn is cooked and then steeped in water and lime. The lime is required to breakdown the hulls. After steeping the product, now called Nixtamal, is drained and washed to remove the residue lime. The Nixtamal is now ground producing a Masa (dried ground corn flour). The degree of grinding determines the grade of Masa.


What nuts are fried?

Nuts are traditionally produced by roasting. This means dry roasting in an oven or oil roasting in a fryer of some sort. At one time almost all nuts were oil roasted, but fears that oil roasting increased calories in the product resulted in some processors abandoning their oil roasters.


Avoiding Surface contamination.

Whether frying yeast, cake or another version of the donut style product clean oil is paramount. Donuts present their own problems within the frying operation with the fryer standing idle if any of the surrounding equipment, like proving or glazing, has a fault.

Extruded Pellets


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Indian Snack Foods and Papadum

A high variety of products, potentially through the same fryer.

Indian fried snack foods have become very popular either as a ready to eat or as a pre-fried product requiring a secondary cooking process. The frying process is very dependent on the product with varying temperatures cooking periods and of course contaminants entering the frying oil.

Breaded and Battered Products

What can be done about all the debris?

There are 2 main factors that come into play when we look at battered and breaded products. The first is the high volume of crumb these produce and the second is the ion content in the coatings that accelerate the degradation of the oil.