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Our history

Our company introduced activated carbon depth filtration for frying oils in 1987

The Filtercorp SuperSorb® CarbonPad was introduced back in 1987 to the USA food service market place. At that time, there was just one size, the F16, that fitted all fryers and mobile filtration units by adapting the equipment. By the mid 90’s it was clear that one size was not going to cover the industry requirements and the cost to retrofit adaption kits for the larger multi-national chains was unrealistic. The SuperSorb CarbonPad started to be produced in sizes that would push fit into existing and new filtration equipment making application far easier.

By the late 90’s the first industrial installations were carried out, (FM1 and FM2 models) offering the same filtration and active treatment as in the food service sector. This was still done with a vacuum system that sucked the oil through the CarbonPad to avoid higher pressure hot frying oil being pumped to a filter surface. While this system worked well the media carrying equipment was large and relatively expensive.

Early in the 2000’s trials were carried out with pressurised systems for industrial applications allowing a smaller footprint piece of equipment and extending the operational life of the CarbonPads installed. By the end 2009 the first of a new generation of FM3 were introduced utilising a modular form of the CarbonPad allowing a large area of filter media to be presented in a small module. The early FM3 led to the final design being available in 2010. The FM3 still fits the medium sized fryer market in its current format.

In 2015 the all new FM1 was developed to meet the needs of the smaller industrial fryer. Whilst there are 10’s of thousands of these fryers in the market there is not a dedicated filtration system to suit them. Now there is. By the middle of 2016 the finalised format of the FM1 was completed and in use with customers.

Also in 2015 2 additional needs were seen. First the introduction of a larger filtration system to cope with largest of fryers. This was developed and is now on the market, as from 2017. This is the FM4, whilst in a different configuration to the FM3, it operates in the same way with more automation and the same safe controls. The second need, introduced in 2015, was a dedicated Fry Oil Centre of Excellence. This incorporates a fully equipped frying lab, with different size fryers, and a full range of oil quality test equipment. Managed by a Research Chemist with the objectives to test and document all the current frying oil filtration systems, run fry studies specific to customers’ needs and develop the future frying oil filtration and active treatment systems.

Filtercorp continues to strive to be the market leaders in Frying Oil Filtration and Treatment solutions.

We are the innovators in industrial frying oil filtration.

Our four key objectives


The quality of our product and application are a direct reflection on the success we have with our customers. The SuperSorb CarbonPad is manufactured in 2 of the groups production facilities meeting FDA and ISO requirements. The SuperSorb CarbonPad also fulfills the requirements of Regulation 1935/2004/EC, BfR Recommendation Ch XXXVI, FDA CFR 21 176.170 and Food
Chemical Codex standards, as applicable and has the American Culinary Federation approval and Kosher approval.


With 3 decades of frying oil experience and a dedicated Frying Oil Centre of Excellence the knowledge base that Filtercorp have is second to none.


Filtercorp's customer base is any frying operation from standalone food service fryers up to the largest industrial frying operations. With our international sales and support team we can look after international groups with multiple locations worldwide, offering the same quality product with local support.


Filtercorp pride themselves on support. Both directly and indirectly through regional technical specialists a quality product is nothing without quality support. The structure is such that any queries are dealt with quickly utilising our extensive knowledge and Frying Oil Centre of Excellence.